Saturday, October 01, 2005

Namak Halal

I prepared the marinade by combining the marinade ingridients in the medium bowl. I followed Raaj's advice literally to the tee - took great pains to arrange for a set of small, medium and large bowl to aid in cooking, at the cost of making the kitchen table look like it was straight out from the Bear household where Goldilocks had entered in some fairy tale.

Then I grilled the chicken at high broil. Yippee!! Some moments later, It was ready. I opened the little Black Label souvenir bottle to pour the remnants into one of my mothers most expensive drinking glass. Ah!the joy of a broiled chicken in the company of some smooth drink!

I lifted the lid of the pirex bowl to do some visual and olfactorial basking (is olfactorial even a word?). As I bent down and got my face close, the little moisture fog that was trapped inside the bowl breathed out to haze my glasses. I wiped the cloud off my glasses and put it back on my nose. I pressed a chicken piece a bit - 'twas optimally soft. The thing looked ok, it smelt great. I wasn't complaining about the looks part at all. I've never been that shallow a person. ;-)

Finally, the moment of truth. I took a chicken piece on one hand, and the glass on another. Switched on TV. Took a small sip of the drink. Took a bite of the chicken.


Holy fuck! I forgot to add salt..!!!


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