Friday, October 28, 2005

Neo seems to be caught up at the crossroads of his career and with a certain feline obsession ;), so he hasn't been posting for some time. Or perhaps, I've been posting too often, I dunno. As I glance through the 'edit posts' page, I notice that an opposite trend took place some months back - when Neo had a dozen posts back to back, and I was completely out of the radar. Well, I'd be taking a mini break myself and though I'll try to post sometimes, I really can't say how far I'll be successful.

I thought I'd damaged something in my left hamstring area, I hobbled back from the jog early today and couldn't move the darn leg. Had to stay indoors, and took up some catfights on Orkut. And then I slept for the rest of the day, all the way till midnight. Now I'm awake like an Owl at 2.18 AM, and as I can see, only some miracle or divine conjuration can get me to fall asleep again anytime soon.

Staying up all night means that I'll be feeling groggy throughout the day tomorrow. Damn! *&@#()((*@#**;$*@#$&

Oh and by the way, the legs fine. All those who check our blog (I have a hunch sometimes that Neo and me are the only readers of our blog :-) ) please come back from time to time, and read old posts. :-P

Hastalavista for the moment.

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