Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The muteness of the environment was broken by the pyrrhic verses of the battling arthropods. The underdog seemed half dead, and his much swifter and stronger nemesis was striking him with regular and near fatal precision. He was a spent force physically, but his will power flickered on. Against all odds, he chalked a momentous resurgence to sum up his little muscles to prepare for one final strike at the behemoth enemy.


If the bodily impact of this strike didn't overwhelm the behemoth, the shock and awe of it surely did. While he was happily beating the crap out of the half dead underdog, not once did the unimaginable thought of the beaten crip arising back from his half-death cross his mind. And as the shocked behemoth increasingly found himself being dragged into the tempest of his imminent ill-fate, the underdog crip's adrenalin inspired him to gather his energies for yet another strike.


Knock out. The behemoth fell flat on his nose, never to rise again. A pyrrhic victory for the little one.

However, I must admit, I couldn't exactly admire the idea of two creepy insects engaging in warfare 2 feet away from me. Neither did I feel like swatting them/it with my textbook. So I pushed them away from the round terra firma structure I was sitting on outside the Nandan, and got myself a cup of chai. After the momentary diversion of the insect fight, my mind wandered back to the labyrinth it was in.

The world turned mute once again, and I couldnt hear or feel anything. That moment, the chai didnt have a taste, the cute tushy of the girl standing in front didn't light up a braincell, the red buses that moved around seemed like large grey bricks moving haphazardly around my eyeballs, the hustling pedestrians turned into a grey hazy nebula...

Shuttling between blur and focus, my mind touched the next focus after 5 minutes with the gonging of the shrill cellphone ringtone. The caller ID didn't have that familiar number. I shut it. I covered my somewhat-watery eyes with my hands, and lamented 'oh crap, I screwed up'.


Anonymous said...

What happned dude?

Anonymous said...

nothing khaas - trajadi ho gaya tha thoda. :D