Friday, October 28, 2005

Neo Speaketh

Couldn't resist myself to get heard in the deluge of posts by Morpheus. Looks like the downpour on Southern India has gathered its contents from the bright crevices in the Bong's cranium. Even Playboy's yearly calendars will be bedazzled with the versatility and "openness" of the contents this blog page has been hosting in recent times.

My feline obsession is pre-ordained to be not long lived. Will be getting on the joy-ride in a short while. I thank the visitors on this page to have held the perseverance and patient to digest what we post. Like Morph, I am also wondering whether we are the only ones who read our stuff. Hoping somebody will shine a Morse Code form the nearby Andromeda neighborhood declaring their acknowledgement of these chronicles of representative Homo Sapiens from the lands of Bharat-varsh. For the rest of the earthlings, keep reading and as Steve Jobs would have said "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." Aloha!!

1 comment:

Hiren said...

Comparison with playboy is confidence personified. Steve jobs also said something about loving your job - Hope you like it.