Thursday, September 29, 2005


Chelsea is sitting pretty at the top of the premier league with 7 wins out of 7. Their defence is almost impenetrable, and their forward line performing with mechanical efficiency.

Chelsea isn't supposed to do that. Chelsea is supposed to be a fashionable football club where star players are supposed to play a brand of extremely entertaining yet maverick football. Chelsea is supposed to be a ball club which puts flair ahead of results, and Chelsea is supposed to lurk somewhere in the upper half of the table, towards the top, but not quite there. Chelsea is supposed to be the Hollywood bevy, and not the Honda Robot assortment. Richie Rich Roman Abrahamovic and gaffer Mourinho unfortunately had other ideas. Culture killers!

On the other hand, Arsenal, which is playing as attractive a brand of football as ever, isn't winning enough, and is lingering somewhere mid table. Arsenal isn't supossed to do that either! They are supposed to win with clinical precision, stay at the top of the table, and one fine day, surpass Manchester United and win the league.

Strange things going on at the EPL. Disturbing. :|


Chelsea VS Arsenal Poster, 1938. (click picture to enlarge)

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