Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What happened to the fearless little man, who stood up against injustice and defied the might of an oppressive army with just a shopping bag in hand? No one really knows, but its anyone's guess that the subject of one of the most profound photographs ever taken in the history of mankind was executed. In the words of the photographer Charlie Cole, 'People were executed at that time for far less than what he did.'

The rest of the first hand account from the photographer who snapped this iconic image at Tiananmen Square is here.


Vijayeta said...

Hey...that WAS a really cool pic. And the Cole article was informative. Sad that the only word that comes to mind today, if i see a man carrying a shopping bag is metrosexual :p

Braveheart said...

Great picture and article. Hats off for the photographer and definitely for the brave man out there in front of those tanks. :)