Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Just discovered that Hippos are the most dangerous animal in African continent. Much more dangerous than carnivores. They just beat the crap out of all knowing / unknowing adversaries including crocodiles, rhinos and lions.

Here is an African folk tale about "The Making of Hippo". :)

According to the tale, hippos were one of last animals created and were thrown together from an assortment of leftover parts.  The hippo was embarrassed by its ungainly appearance and its hairless, bulky body.   It asked the Creator if it could remain concealed in the water by day and come out only under the cover of night in order to feed.

The Creator refused, saying that the hippo would use its huge mouth and vicious teeth to eat all the fish.  The hippo responded by promising that it would eat no fish, but only the nearby grass.  The Creator was skeptical, but offered a compromise: the hippo could spend its days in the water, but it must come out to spread its dung on the land where it could be inspected by the hovering kingfisher to see if it contained any fish bones.

The hippo agreed and to this day it leaves the water to spread its dung on land where it can be inspected by anyone who cares to do so.  (Some less imaginative types suggest that the hippo spreads its dung to mark its territory.)

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