Thursday, July 21, 2011

Books are back

Installed Mobipocket Reader on my Blackberry.
1. Since I don't own another smart phone, Blackberry double times as official communication device and all uses of mobile internet (primary use: Google maps navigation, stock updates, wikipedia searches, fB, Gmail). I have been looking to buy a tablet, with the primary purpose of serving as an eReader.
2. Reading books smoothly during office transit was being hampered by Mumbai local transport's errrr...gonomics and rains.
Mobipocket Reader works magic. You can install its reader on Blackberry, install pdf/html/doc converter to Mobi format on PC/Laptop, transfer books to Blackberry using PC software. On mobile, it has enough settings options (font, background color, line spacing, margins, bookmarks, annotations) to give a comfortable reading experience. Blackberry's form factor is very very convenient for handling in local transport (slip in and out of top pocket while an umbrella usually dangles in one hand; and making way through crowds by effectively using 'shoulder shove'). An obvious option is to buy Kindle, though I dont know how convenient will be its handling in Mumbai transit conditions. For now, I love this totally zero cost solution.


Sagar Rastogi said...

But do you get enough content for this?

Ankit said...

Sagar, yes I get enough content. Almost any book that I want to read is available in pdf format on Web. It may not be true for very latest books with niche content; but bestsellers are never a problem. Pirates! :)