Monday, April 25, 2011

Rate My Life

The Internet knows everything. So I asked it to tell me how does it view my life (given that I spend a great percentage of my waking life interacting with The Internet)? Like a great counselor, it asked me some pointed questions. And then replied with Yoda-like wisdom:

I never imagined that my "sins" would outdo my "virtues", and that too by a good enough margin to cast any doubt over my leanings. :D For my accomplishments, Yoda had little to say. He is waiting to see what I do next.


ferret said...

wth, it gave me 23.88/25 for sins,,,,, SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!

thankfully i scored a distinction in the virtues!

Ankit said...

Ferret, I think I have misinterpreted the "sins" score. The higher the score, it means that lesser sins you have done and that 'better' you are. What was the description of your "sins" score?

ferret said...

It said that my mom must be proud of me, but i think it's being sarcastic. Otherwise, it wouldn't rate sins and virtues seperately, no?

OK, you've accomplished some things in life. Pretty good score. Let's see what you do with the next 29 years of your life.

Wow! Great score! Your mother would be so proud.

Good. You're part of the solution! 17.78/25

Outstanding! No need for a visit to the shrink at all.

Ankit said...

Ferret, btw, description of Accomplishments score told me your age. :)