Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The happy Facebook world

The world as it exists on Facebook is almost utopian.
  • Every person looks the best they could and always smiling in their photos
  • Somebody is traveling to Antarctica, somebody is skydiving, somebody cooked dinner with friends, somebody went to underpriviliged children's school, somebody just hung out with buddies
  • Somebody is getting married, somebody is having a baby shower, everybody comments "both of you look very good together"
  • Nobody feels jealous of anyone, every one "likes" what others are doing
  • Flame wars on political debates, religion etc die down even if some renegade has the guts to bring it up
  • Nostalgia rules, old photos of childhood, forgotten songs are all sprayed over
  • Very few people seek angst or existentialism, even when they do -- its subtle. A coded message here, a small poem there. And it doesn't disturb the fabric of this utopian world.
  • All smiling faces, everybody's life looks content with no worries
There was a time when movies sold us dreams. Its now our friends through their profile photos.


ferret said...

And that leads me to my rant of well-meaning people advicing me to go out and have fun, enjoy life,,, just because my utopia is not visible there on facebook!
The most prominent sound in my aura is 'hmm'!!

Ankit said...

a. There is no such thing as utopia in reality :D
b. There can be no bigger face-masking than Facebook allows to do
c. The sound of your aura is the fundamental sound of this universe and is attained only when people learn enough to know that they can never learn enough. :D