Monday, May 10, 2010

Neo and Morpheus

When Morpheus read my "Migration" post, he responded thus --
(@ Morpheus: I am reproducing it without your permission. I know you will be cool with it. :))

".... do you want to take a call on neo & morpheus? delete it? keep it as it is with no more adds while you
branch out elsewhere? you take over - del my posts - or something?...."

No way dude! Neo is not abandoing this platform. Just having a personal project on the side.

As I look back, I and Morpheus have been on this platform together for last 6 years now. While we may have met only 2 times in these years, this blog has been alive and kicking when any of us have felt the itch to let our thoughts flow freely hunched over a keyboard on a dark, breezy night with a table-light casting our silhouettes on the wall. Our varied friend circle has brought diverse readers from all over the world. Morpehus gave us this look-n-feel, the 'i' in the 'morphius' and a rocking 'About-Us'. I chipped in with creating a home page for us and the Google Analytics code snippet added.

An interesting data which the Google Analytics throws up is that the most read page of our blog is Greenland bigger than Africa? It still remains our most popular 'hit'. I guess, out there, in Australia, Europe and North America, they give lot of Geography assignments. Every now and then a Google Search lands on our page. So, a big Hi to you if you are coming here wondering why the Mercator Projection creates this distortion!

6 years is a long time to keep the collaboration going and be blogging regularly. Morpheus, we have to go an and hit a 10-er here! We are going to make dent in the universe. :D

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