Friday, August 29, 2008

Hiatus A Deux

It has been a very long hiatus on this space for both me and Morpheus. The last post was published some 8 months ago. First quarter of 2008 saw me going through the rigmarole of campus placements. Once that long drawn process reached its happy conclusion, I headed to Himalayas (literally) to cool off. On my return, a beaming Neo walked the dais to get awarded with PGDM honor. Sweat and blood! What followed was a long due long break at home. It was after 5 years that I was getting to stay for an extended period of time in home town and with family. As May ended, I packed my bags to touchdown at Mumbai. The new home. Past 3 months have been a mix of trials & tribulations and survivals & jubilations. House hunt in Mumbai is a perspiring (humid hot) and jaw-dropping (astronomical real estate prices) experience. And the second go at corporate world is very much different from the previous one. That deserves a long post in itself. I am holding on that post till I have seen enough to make any justifiable comparisons.

All these and some more have kept me busy over the last 8 months. Too busy to return to the blog. Time to find my voice again. Time to make this blog alive again. But, where is Morpheus?

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