Thursday, December 13, 2007


When one of my friends returned after spending a 5-day session at a village in Gujarat for a course called "Exploring Roles and Idenity", it was time to reverse the gyan flow for some time. The course is said to reveal profound insights about one's own self. I was eager to know some generic outcomes of the group discussions which took there. This is one of the revelations which hit my friend hard. And sure, it hit me hard as well when he described the same.

In his own words, "The unique thing about this world is that you will always find someone who is better at an activity you thought you are pretty good at. And this is not restricted to mainstream activities like academic performance or career achievements. I am also talking about trivial things. Like, some trick of hand, a particular bicycle stunt, a balancing act, anything. Why, even the most absurd of Guiness records are broken by somebody at some point. You would have never thought somebody would care to master that obscure a feat. But people do."

Just to show an example on a funny note

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