Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Set 1


IIM A rolls out the carpets to me. The red bricks and the hallowed Harvard steps - the architecture symbolizing aspirations of 150,000 Indians each year - mesmerized me. I was gasping, perhaps it was too hot and humid on that day of June. The mazes between hostels could have easily passed to have been at Hogwarts.

Game : IIM A wins. My serve broken by IIM A.
Score: IIM A vs Me : 1 - 0


The "how's" and "why's" of IIM A are flung at me. Even Neo couldn't have dodged them. 270 brilliant minds of India face another set of 270 minds (who are better equipped with communication network and a heritage to fall back upon). Its a surrender. IIM A hits all aces. [This description is purposefully vague. Only after joining IIM A can you understand what is this Game 2 all about].

Game : IIM A wins. All aces on its serve.
Score: IIM A vs Me : 2 - 0


2.5 weeks into the course, its a sleepy noon after classes when I receive the call from the Admissions Office. No, they weren't reconsidering my admission. :) They called to tell me that I have been shortlisted for first round of selections for the Aditya Birla Scholarship (ABS). Are you kidding me? This is a prank!! But it didn't turn out that way. I was among the 20 students from IIM A shortlisted for the first round. The selection isn't based on my performance so far, if any, in IIM A. This is a powerful slam from my side, although utilizing reserves from past performances.

Game : I win (as of now)
Score: IIM A vs Me : 2 - 1


The institute is not directly involved in this one. I stand for the Class Representative election. Put forth my candidature at 23:59:59; I stick to deadlines. Having won Game 3, the onus was high to convert the advantage of ABS. Juggling between the quizzes, CR election campaign and ABS essays; some of the serves turned to Double Faults. In the end, I struggled hard to make it through with the CR campaigning. The counting starts. The first round of counting went Deuce. The second round of counting also went Deuce. The thrid round saw me losing advantage and I was defeated by 3 votes. For that 1 week, the acads took hit (Single Faults) and the effect escalated till mid-terms. I fought a tough game and perhaps, lost gracefully.

Game : IIM A wins
Score: IIM A vs Me : 3 - 1


This was an extended game. It continued for long as an intermittent game between other games. The psychological acceptance of the fact that I am at IIM A and there is no turning back. Sounds cheesy? It wont if you had been living a King Size life at Bangalore, doing a job which provided decent mental stimulation, get paid fat sums, earn a mark for yourself and the precious 'work-ex'; and you weren't really keen on joining a B-School. The charm of the old days lured me. The struggle didnot allow me to enjoy the initial 2 months of my stay. Each day was a drag with the classes proving some respite (as those were the times when the mind was focussed on a single activity). The issue settled in favor of IIM A on 22nd Aug when it finally soaked into me that "I can not go back".

Game : IIM A wins
Score: IIM A vs Me : 4 - 1


Mid term exams. The Double Fault of CR campaigning and struggle to earn ABS Advantage resulted in numerous Single Faults on academic front. It was an on-off case. A ace in one quiz, a C in another, a B+ in yet another.... so on and so forth. Previous game (Game 5) also took its toll. The things were beginning to settle as the mid terms neared. Well, the fallen angel made the best of them. In retrospect, I did better than I thought I was doing at that time. Its not been a clincher, but I took the advantage MENTALLY.

Game : I win
Score: IIM A vs Me : 4 - 2


T-nite, the talent week at IIM. I was not feeling well after the mid terms and T-Nite was just around the corner. The stakes were high and I knew that my contribution would do its tiny bit towrads the Section's success. However, the talent in the section didnot need any help. They rocked and rolled while I drove for some time to get stuff from the market, an advantage I had because of having a bike on campus. Still, the involvement could have been much more. This game went to IIM A; in the sense that the show was over before I could adjust to its demands.

Game : IIM A wins
Score: IIM A vs Me : 5 - 2


I cleared the first round of ABS and reached the final interview round. Not much to say, just that the efforts taken to write the essays didn't go waste though they clashed with the CR campaigning.

Game : I win
Score: IIM A vs Me : 5 - 3


My groupmates @ IIM A. Group dynamics is a difficult thing to handle. Especially when the competitive spirits are flying high and everyone wants to make a mark for himself/herself. Luckily, our group settled into a common rythm. Vroom, Hoax, PuBo, Bhoora and Tram make the Group "Four"ce. It has been a pleasure working with them. Towards the term end, the real power of group was into display. The multiple assignments could not have been completed without the group members supporting each other.

Game : I (We) win
Score: IIM A vs Me : 5 - 4

Game 10

I make it to the Niche club and would get to do stuff related to Product Marketing. With the support of a formal club, it will be easier to push through and make it an interesting activity on Campus. My dream company made a visit to the campus and I was able to justify endless hours spent tracking this company's progress. [I cannot mention the name because of confidentiality reasons, you make a guess and you may be right if you are feeling lucky! :)] Have I earned the reputation of being the nerd of the batch? Who knows? Will somebody who has overheard the conversations in corridors let me know?

Game : I win
Score: IIM A vs Me : 5 - 5

Game 11

The Professors and the faculty. They are God level! Never before in my life have I been taught by a Faculty where each member delivers more than 100 percent. Example, I remember my last class on Managerial Accounting. Having an Engineering background, Accounting was a completely new subject to me. I mean, COMPLETELY NEW. Yes. In the last lecture, the Professor made us go through an actual Annual Financial Report of a real world company. As he described the entries and numbers, somehow it all fit in. I could see what the numbers spoke, what they indictaed, where did they come from. The Annual Report had started making a sense, in just 3 months! Full credits to the Faculty. Though the grades in this particular course have not been flattering for me, the learning has been immense. I wasn't even fighting this game, I surrendered happily.

Game : IIM A wins.
Score: IIM A vs Me : 6 - 5

Game 12

Term 1 is over. The end terms have been written and results are awaited. I guess IIM A will score another win there :) In 3 months, I have known new capabilities and new limitations in me. The stay has helped me know better about myself. I have made a bunch of new friends. I played soccer after a long time. Some acknowledged my genuine interest in certain things. I was exposed to immense talent of my batchmates and the experience will continue. With each passing game, the "IIM A vs Me" factor has been reducing. No longer is a win for me not a win for IIM A. Was I fighting the system? Or was I fighting my own inhibitions? Its premature to take a stand right now. There are 5 more Sets (terms) to go. Lets see how the score card reads at the end. As of now, as I await Term 2 to start, I give this last game of the Set 1 to IIM A, for the sheer breadth of experience and revelations it has given me.

Game : IIM A wins.
Score: IIM A vs Me : 7 - 5

SET 1: IIM A wins


Anonymous said...

A very fitting 100th post. We've done it, yaay! :-)

Dammit, I've goofed up my blogger password AGAIN!



Anonymous said...

Hey Ankit,
YOu have no idea how much that AB scholarship is gonna help you... YOU BETTER BE CONVERTING IT!!!
i say you beat IIMA with that single serve!
go hard on those grades dude... thats our lifeline.

- Ram

Anonymous said...

Quote - "No longer is a win for me not a win for IIM A."

Exactly, No point competing with IIM A. Better Join it.


Tabula Rasa said...

game 11 - if in three months you could see what the numbers spoke, the game was yours. i'm calling it 6-6, and let's pull out the tiebreaker.

mantavya.. said...

well m repeatin wat somebody else jst commented on -->"No longer is a win for me not a win for IIM A",
but tht wuz the best part for me..really goes to show how much effort the institute is putting in..carry on dude..u r destined to reach the top..

Id it is said...

IIM A sounds like an awesome place!
What is more awesome is the metaphor you created...
What a game!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post dude!!!

Jaya said...

Cool Yaar.. i think u did better than most other ppl at IIMA.. i wud have lost 9-0 :)

Sagar Rastogi said...

Awesome post dude.. Gusshow!

phUDA said...

That's what i call a SEXY blog!
Good going...

Sachin said...

Dude.. I hv all the belief on you. And I am sure the score is gonna look like 5-1 in the end.

Keep hanging in... I know you


Ganesh HS said...

"an awesome set" from the commentary box :)