Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nostalgia grammar - Past Perfect, Future Tense

I have hit the "Home" key taking a break from the gruesome first term at IIM A. The 3 months have passed in a jiffy. But more on IIM A in some other post.

Its been a gypsy's life for me in the past 7 years.
1999-2003 - shifted 4 hostels @ IT BHU in 4 years.
2003-2006 - shifted 4 houses in Bangalore
2003-2006 - shifted 3 companies in Bangalore
2006-now - shifted to IIM A

Each new phase adds new memories. Sometimes they are physical in nature: memorabilia, gifts, insignias etc. Each new spring cleaning throws out some of these which have now attained 'junk' status. Funny how some of the treasured possessions become unwanted as the memories accompanying them fade out.

Some of the items purged off this time:
1. Call letters of IIT JEE - 1999 and 2000.
2. Call letters of Roorkee 99 and BHU 99.
3. Computer project report - ISC 1999.

They were all lying neatly piled up in a drawer. Leafing through each of them renewed the times when they were so relevant. Just pieces of paper, are they? Not really.

They are almost like the geological layers which denote the passing of ages on earth and serve as markers. These marked the point on timeline when I transitioned from school to college. The umpteen competitive exams, the endless nights of toil on "preparation material", the idolizing of exam toppers of yesteryears, the anxiety to make it through.

Destroying those papers erased the another set of markers of a phase of life. What remains now is a fact that I joined IT BHU in July 1999. All the options that were present at that time and all the dilemmas they raised are lost. Similar exercises were carried out when moving from 10th to 11th, college to job, from being "Neo" to "no-Neo", 3 years in job to return to academics. With each passing milestone, the attachment to the current state is reducing. Hardly any determination is required now to throw away the belongings which an important of life a few days ago.

Is this 'nirvana'? Realizing that material possessions and memories are only prisons of mind and a man must move on because "the journey" is only the permanent truth. Or is it even a higher degree of materialism; where possessions lose their meanings to new advancements, the past is forgotten after it has been used, where old has no place to survive.

I am being nostalgic about "being nostalgic" :)

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Id it is said...

You're but paving your way to newer pastures by clearing your closet of the tangibles,of memorablia that has no reason to be. There are those memories we create that last a lifetime even without tangible reminders. Then there are those memories we'd do anything to erase; so the sooner you can rid yourself of memorablia related to those, the better off you are.
Happy cleaning (cleansing?)! hehe
Good to see you back.