Monday, June 15, 2009

"Teri Deewani"

The song "Teri Deewani" was a chart-buster. It was a definite heart-buster for me. First time I heard it along with viewing the music video, I was sold.

Umpteen loopings of the song on Winamp later, a peculiarity of the lyrics became apparent to me. The song is sung by a male singer but the lyrics are in a feminine voice. As if a female is meant to sing this song but is being sung by a male.

The song defnitely had a sufi influence. I vaguely remembered hearing more sufi songs which had distinct feminine voice but were sung in male voice. I explored this connection more.

Here is what I found. Quite interesting.

Feels great to just listen to a song and then discover this. :)

Add that to already fascinating concepts explored in Da Vinci Code, From Hell (Alan Moore, no less!) and Promethea (Alan Moore, again!), the conspiracy theory and mysticism loving part of me just went ga-ga!

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