Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Space Tourism

I had been recently looking at the area of Space Tourism for developing an idea for a Business-plan competition. Logging some of my findings below.

There are no recent (2007) research articles which analyze the economics of space tourism. Surprisingly, most of the relevant articles I found date back to 2000. While space tourism has leaped from a sci-fi dream to commercial relality in past 3-4 years, there does not appear to be any academic research going into this area. Please point me any latest articles you may have come across.

Some articles I could find:

History of Space Tourism

Commercial Implications of Market Research on Space Tourism (a 1994 paper)

Near-term prospects for Space Tourism (a 2000 paper)

Public Choice Economics and Space Policy: Realising Space Tourism (a 2000 paper)

The Space Tourism Industry in 2030 (a 2000 paper)

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