Saturday, August 25, 2007


The last post from my side was made some 2 months ago. Mr. McNamara's few advices still need to be chronicled. Random discussions, which have been major source for the underlying themes of my posts, have dried out. The group with which I regularly rallied on such matters has ceased to exist for all practical purposes. These and such other reasons have put the blog into hibernation.

Paradoxical as it may seem, the number of ideas sharing my mind-space have, however, multiplied. It has been becoming increasingly difficult to prevent the mind from hopping from one thread of thoughts to another. The time-splice allocated to activities have become ridiculously small. Here, sum-of-parts cannot much a contiguous total.

Hesitation has also set in to pour out seemingly non-business thoughts in public domain. Authoring on some niche topic would have been probably easier and the blog could have mostly cruised in auto-pilot mode.

I met Morpheus on 11th June. We were meeting after nearly 2.5 years. Morpheus has been in his own thick of things. Generally our troughs and crests of blogging alternate. A steady flow of posts had been thus maintained. This time, however, we both have hit "sleep mode" on our individual blogger-pods at the same time. Come on Morpheus, show Neo the path, as you are supposed to. Free your mind (and time)! Lets see some posts here, friend.

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