Thursday, April 07, 2005

Numa Numa... err.. Oye Oye.. anybody??

The Romanian song which was doing cool the last summers has been turned into an amateur video using a webcam and seems to have struck cord with the net-surfers. A site reported the video generating more than a million hits!! Amusingly, the video is marked "Work safe"..... guess if that boosted the number of clicks?

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In retrospect, I am forced to change my view that only Indian junta can get hooked up to seemingly meaningless lyrics like "Oye Oye". The song wes definitely a chartbuster and still triggers the memory to recollect several incidents on the part of my life timeline.

The critics have been lambasting the Numa Numa video on the grounds that it lowers/degrades the art of entertainment. And that net-surfers have gone crazy to become so addicted to a far-from-sauve copy of the original. Hey, but what the heck, we are interested in the entertainment quotient of the clip which definitely gets an excellent rating.

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