Monday, February 07, 2005

Baam!! Thunkkk!! Kabbbb-oooommmmm!!!

Escapades of fantasy. Realization of fantasies. Triumph of good over evil. And a moral thread. They are COMICS. Every boy's most trusted world of Heroes fighting the
mighty Villains.

Discovery Channel aired a show on Top 10 Comic Heroes (including females) of all time. And true to my speculation and wishes (!!), it featured all my loved Super Heores.


Which super heroes do we love most. Those who are most gifted? Or those with whom we most identify? I guess the later is the prominent factor which drives the fan-following.

Consider Spiderman. Peter Parker is "nobody". He can't get the girl he loves. He can't get the best of the cars. He is a born loser. He isn't a Kryptonite who could lift cars even while he was in the crib. This guy gets his super-powers by accident. Something which we all wish for. One day.... we want to wake and find that we are invincible!! Parker realises this. But what does he do after attaining the powers. Save the world, trap the criminals, spread morality. No... No.. No!!!! He doesn't do any of this. He goes for prize fighting to earn money. He doesn't stop the robber who robs his bad employer.

Spiderman, at least at the beginning of the story line, represents most of the teenagers. They want power. Shameless, immoral and irresponsible; they don't care. Peter Parker turns the savior of the world only when Uncle Ben is killed. He symbolises the fraility and selfishness that we all possess. Only the greater than life heroes are born with the philanthropist bug inside them.

Another remarkable character is Tintin. He also is a usual boy-next-door. Absolutely no super-powers, is accompanied by a stupid dog (not Super-Dog!!!) and a alcoholic, abusive Captian Haddock, good-for-nothing Thompsons and a deaf-genius Prof Calculus. Yet he wins his wars and battles. He doesn't dodge bullets. He is vulnerable. At the first go, he appears to be a type of comic character rated "G" because you won't expect any voilence in the story. But, the villains die, they get battered. No super powers yet he comes victorious. Wouldn't we love to be that way.

For those, who have kept their date with Indian Hindi Comics; my all-time favorite hero is Super Commando Dhruva. Essentially human, perfects his body by Gymanastic and has an electric brain. Thats my hero!!!!

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