Saturday, July 24, 2004

c out!! what?

Okey dokey.. Free my mind. That's what Morpheus told me. And I took the red pill. So, this is the real world and I am now blogging. Roll the carpets, blow the trumpets, bring in the cavalry..... hoaaa.. am I getting nervy?

Nervy....?? Topsy-torvy....?? That sounds familiar. Deja Vu. Been there, done that. Flashback. 1994. My close encounter of the first kind with the thing. "AI". Naah.... me nervy again. It was a 386 machine with no hard disk.

I was a student of class 8th. Getting my practical classes of Computer course. We booted using 5.5" floppies. Those paper thin ones, through which I tried to see a solar eclipse.

Hmmm.. so I said this is neat. I can make generate inverted triangles using '*' symbol. I can flood the screen with prime numbers. I am the geek. Big deal.

I was considering myself an advanced programmer in BASIC. Advanced BASIC. Oxymoron? Or was I the oxy moron? Just a kid, people, you can sympathy me.

I didn't know what was C and why it had a brother with better grades; C++. By the time I came to know that PRINT ib BASIC is printf(); in C, somebody said to me "cout". I heard "see out". Couldn't see anything; just a dog wagging his tail. Then the guy blared "cin". I "see in". Nothing again. Hit the guy; got the deliverance. "cout" and "cin" were advance form of printf and scanf. Man, thing are so complicated.

Will add more to how an average Indian kid "learnt computer" (whatever that phrase may mean) and how the parents swell with pride when they tell prospective bridegrooms that their daughter has done a BCA course.

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Souvik said...

Good one...Keep it up guys!!!